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Navratri festival is dedicated to worshiping Goddess Durga and her avatars. Navratri when deciphered in english translates into nine nights, through these nine nights goddess Durga is worshipped. The festival brings family together all over India, the Gujarati communities settled in abroad also celebrate this festive season with zeal. This festival rejoices the triumph of goodness over evil. The nine day festivity ends with Vijaydashmi or Dussehra being celebrated on the tenth day. Navratri is celebrated with enthusiasm all over India. Navratri 2014 begins today (September 25). In this auspicious period people follow fasts, abstinence is observed from the first day to the ninth day. Some people confine themselves from having anything while a few have fruits during the nine days. Also, a lot of followers indulge in a single meal during the day or night. People steer clear of non-vegetarian food and also do not consume onion and garlic. As this heavy fasting ended with feasting practice can take a toll on your health we share with you healthy ways to fast this Navratri. Also Read - Health Tips From Milind Soman: Actor Bursts 3 Most Common Myths Related to Food

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1. Do not starve

Navratri Special: Don’t feast, fast healthy way this Navratri

Abstaining does not mean that you will starve your way through the Navratri fasting. You should take care of you body and make sure that you eat something in the morning. Prolonged fasts lead to problems like weakness, acidity, fatigue and headaches. All these problems may not take you a long way into the festivity. So make your body gets sufficient nutrition during this festive season. Simply follow these tips and be healthy this Navratri.

2. Your health comes first

Navratri Special: Don’t feast, fast healthy way this Navratri

Navratri fasting does not have to be followed by everyone. If you suffer from diabetes or hyperacidity you should definitely not be fasting. No matter how religious you are, health should always be your first priority. Also, pregnant women and children should avoid Navratri fasting.

3. Say no to packaged food

Navratri Special: Don’t feast, fast healthy way this Navratri

Don’t binge on packaged foods off the shelf like potato chips, always go for healthier food options. Have fruits and green leafy vegetables to stay energized and full of stamina. Also make it a point to consume a lot of fluids, otherwise you will feel drained out. Also Read- Navratri Special: Top 5 must have foods for festive season that build stamina

4. Don’t feast

Navratri Special: Don’t feast, fast healthy way this Navratri

Abstinence requires a lot of self-control. So f you cant keep your hands off fast food then your fasting is of no use. If fasting according to you includes fried potatoes, Sabudana khichdi, kheer, Pakodas, you are doing it wrong. People end up eating a lot more of fast food. Dishes like Sabudana khichdi though are popular, should be avoided as they are low in fibre. Opt for healthier options.

Simply follow these tips and stay healthy and fit this festive season.