Mumbai: With businesses and industries suffering massive losses amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the craft beer industry in India is staring at a total collapse. Just a few days back, it was reported that lakhs of litres of craft beer was let out into drains as craft beers stocks are going stale in Delhi-NCR. Also Read - No Liquor Shop to be Opened in Haryana Till May 3, Strict Action Against Smugglers

Now, Maharashtra is faced with a similar situation, which has about 20 craft breweries and the owners are afraid that they might have to pour all the beer down the drain–a massive one lakh litre of beer!

“There is almost 1 lakh litres of craft beer, roughly three lakh pints that all the breweries are sitting on cumulatively with no way to sell,” Nakul Bhonsle, president of Maharashtra Craft Brewers Association of India (mCBAI) told The Times Of India.

Sadly, this will lead to a loss of around Rs 90 lakh spent in production and excise duty, but the breweries owners are left with no choice.

But why?

This is due to the fact that unlike bottled beer, craft beer or freshly brewed beer has a short shelf life and if it lies unconsumed, it has to be discarded. More so, the cost of keeping it fresh is expensive as the plant has to be maintained at a specific temperature and monitored daily.

Majority of the breweries are now unable to bear the cost of storing the beer and that’s why have decided to accept the losses. So, it’s a tough choice between losing the beer or losing money to keep it!

Gurgaon-based brewer, Ishan Grover told Brewer World: “Even to keep our beers fresh in the tanks costs as money. Beers will only last if the refrigeration is happening. Even then, beers like IPAs will deteriorate for sure. You won’t get those flavours that you’re usually supposed to get from craft beer. Some of them will get better but most of them will not taste the same as they’re supposed to be”.

Well, even if breweries spend money in keeping the beer fresh, owners believe that after the lockdown is lifted, there still won’t be enough people visiting bars and pubs because of social distancing.