Washington: Listen up space enthusiasts! NASA is about to open applications for its next generation of astronauts, and this time the invitation is meant for the public. In an announcement, the space agency put out a call for budding space travellers to take part in its ‘Artemis’ missions. However, the sad part is that the opening is only for US citizens. Also Read - NASA's Hubble Telescope Spots A Galaxy From 200 Million Light-Years Away, Releases Photo

Those who have a relevant Master’s Degree and physically and mentally prepared to live and work 400 kilometres over Earth, will be eligible to go to space and walk on the moon. The agency will accept applications March 2 to 31 for the next class of Artemis Generation astronauts. Also Read - 17-Year-Old Boy Discovers a Brand New Planet on His Third Day of Internship at NASA

NASA said the ‘Artemis generation’ astronauts could travel aboard Commercial Crew Program spacecraft to live and work in the International Space Station, or they may lift off with the new Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft, dock at the planned Lunar Gateway and land on the moon later int this decade. Also Read - NASA Loses Contact With Satellite 'Asteria' Studying Planets Outside Solar System

In an announcement on Tuesday, NASA said it needed the new recruits as it gears up “to launch American astronauts this year on American rockets from American soil to the ISS — with an eye toward the moon and Mars.”

NASA will also accept candidates with two years of a PhD program under their belt, or a completed doctor of medicine (or orthopaedic medicine) degree, or who have completed a nationally recognized test pilot school program.

Further, candidates must also pass NASA’s physical test, as well as two years of the basic training program, in addition to completing military water survival and becoming SCUBA certified, along with passing robotics skills and Russian language training, among another requirement.