It has not been easy staying indoors for a long time for many people especially when they are used to moving about freely outdoors. The lockdown due to the outbreak of the coronavirus has brought in rules and regulations that have never been there before, with even a simple activity like a walk in the park no longer possible. So, it is with good reason that many are starting to feel nostalgic about the places they have been to before. Also Read - Spotted Deer Crashes Through Roof of House in Mumbai, Gives Residents The Shock of Their Lives!

These past few days a new trend has emerged on social media whereby netizens are airing their feelings about having to stay at home. They have been sharing photos of places that they have missed visiting like malls, movie theatres, theme parks, local stores, etc., with the caption “Can’t Wait to Walk Down The Aisle”. Also Read - Mother, Daughter Build Cardboard Car to Drive to McDonald's Serving Only Drive-thru Customers

In India, this is the third phase of the lockdown and the social distancing rules are still applicable. In a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked them to move forward with a balanced strategy. The number of infected cases in India have gone up to 67152 and the total number of deaths 2206.