How many advertisements made in the country celebrates womanhood at 40? While ads scream the goodness of anti-ageing creams and wrinkle-free lotions for older women, hardly do we come across anything appreciate their achievement. But here is an ad that rightly appreciates a women’s talents and abilities. Tanishq, the jewellery brand from Titan Industries, has introduced a new range of jewellery called Mirayah targeting at the middle aged woman. Also Read - Women Take Over Protests For a Day to Mark 'Women Farmers' Day' Amid Ongoing Agitation

The ad shows how women can be independent and have fun just like men. While ads until now showed how men gifted jewellery to women, this one has a different take. The ad portrays how women keep their relation strong with fellow women. The ad rubbishes all stereotypes around middle-aged women and shows how they nurture relation with their female friends. Their description of the ad reads, “They say life begins at 40! Re-discover yourself with Tanishq’s latest collection, Mirayah. Because for you, age is just a number.” And we completely agree with it. New Tanishq ad that portrays beautiful father-daughter relation will make you emotional! Also Read - 18-Year-Old Arrested For Trying to Film Woman Inside Eatery's Toilet in Pune

Mirayah’s new range of collection includes colored stones starting at a price of Rs 50,000 and above. The ad celebrates the woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. The video has garnered quite views on social media and has garnered attention. Tanishq is known for making ‘out of the box’ ads with innovative concepts. Their ads have in the past shown ‘breaking stereotypes’ and celebrating achievements of women. Also Read - Ram Gopal Varma Maintains His Stance on Women, Says 'I Admire Women's Sensuality And Not Their Brains'

Watch the full advertisement here:

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