The countdown for 2021 has begun! Today is the last day of the dreadful 2020 and as people around with the world are getting ready to welcome the new year, Google also started the celebration with an adorable doodle. Today’s holiday doodle features an an old fashioned bird-house clock which says 2020 on it and features the alphabets making up the word ‘Google’, covered up with twinkling fairy lights.Also Read - Google Celebrates The Winter Solstice & The Great Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn With an Animated Doodle

There is also a little easter egg surprise in the search results that shoots confetti all of the search results page. All you have to do is search for New Year’s Eve in Google, or click on the doodle that will take direct you to that search. You will then see a knowledge panel on the right side with an animated confetti cone. Just click on it and the confetti will shoot out all over the search results.

Google also mentioned the reason behind the old birdhouse clock and explained, “It’s been a cuckoo year, but 2020’s clock is ticking. The countdown begins now, and when the clock strikes midnight a new year will spread its wings! (sic).”

However, this time, the celebrations won’t be that grand as many countries have cancelled their public events and are urging people to celebrate it safely and from the comfort of their homes due to the continued threat of coronavirus.

Here is to an amazing 2021 and hope it goes easy on all of us!