Our societies are a mix of preconceived notions, gender-appropriate roles, and age-old norms. It has been evolving lately for the better with people challenging and transforming its rules. Fashion and beauty industry recently started questioning its standards and among models who did not let its rules affect them is Melanie Gaydos. Although Gaydos was born with ectodermal dysplasia, a condition that makes her pores, teeth, nails and small bones form abnormally today she is a successful model in New York. She did not let her physical appearance affect her dreams. She also has alopecia and had three dental implants at the 26. Other than her bones deformity she is partially blind. Also Read - Put Your Best Foot Forward This Durga Puja, Take Fashion Inspiration from These Bollywood Divas

Gaydos, an art student based in New York City has worked with various photographers including Spanish photographer Eugenio Recuenco. Gaydos has also appeared in a video by Recuenco for metal band Rammstein. Gaydos began modeling during her college days after she responded to an online ad looking for unique people as models. While even now she gets trolled for her looks she does not let it affect her. Here is Melanie Gaydos posing with grace, elegance, and confidence. Jillian Mercado, Winnie Harlow, Viktoria Modesta: 11 women models who broke stereotypes with their courage in the fashion industry Also Read - Changing Footwear Trends in India

  1. Confidence in my veins

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2. Breaking it the right way

3. Riding in red

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4. Between wild colors

5. When you are the showstopper

6. Fighting inner demons

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7. The short life of darkness

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8. Those shades

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9. No make-up look

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10. Cause normal is cliche

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The Independent quoted Gaydos as saying, “I have definitely become more confident with who I am and myself. I stopped wearing wigs and started modeling. In a way, I was forcing myself to learn more about who I was and to become more comfortable with who I am at my core and natural state of being. This whole process has helped me become more confident, stronger and happier in my existence.” (Image- Melanie Gaydos Instagram)