A record-breaking cold break in North America has frozen some parts of Niagara falls and now it is looking no less than a winter wonderland. Parts of the Falls is already icy and locals feel that it could freeze completely during this winter. The atmosphere is bone-chilling now USA and Canada but still, it is not stopping visitors to check out the picturesque scene of frozen Niagara Falls and frosted trees. Many took to social media to share photos of frozen parts of Niagara Falls. “It’s so beautiful,” Zieong Zhang, one of the visitors told buffalonews.com.”I came here in the summertime four years ago,” Zhang added. “It was good, but it wasn’t like this. This is just outstanding, with all the snow, and the trees coated like sugar.”Also Read - International Flights Latest News: Canada Extends Travel Ban For India Till August 21

OMG! USA plans to shut down Niagara falls for the first time since 1969!

OMG! USA plans to shut down Niagara falls for the first time since 1969!

National Weather Service has even warned of hypothermia and frostbite across North America. The cold this time in some parts of America are chillier than the surface of Mars, can you believe it? As per the Environment Canada, temperatures are enough to break records. The previous lowest temperature was in 1962, dropping to -26.1 degree Celsius. Conditions are dangerous but beautiful photos of Niagara Falls’ frozen icicles make the arctic chill worth it. Here are some of the snaps that tweeple uploaded: Also Read - Indians Can Now Travel to Canada Via 'Third Country' Route | Check Latest Travel Advisory

It is indeed a winter wonderland


 Falls or Narnia?

As per reports, wind chill has dropped as low as -89 degrees Fahrenheit which is around -67 degree Celsius and temperatures may drop even further. The bitter temperatures have even led many road accidents and several animals including sharks are freezing to death. This New years’ eve will be coldest it seems for North Americans. What are your views on the spectacular view of the falls? Let us know in the comments below. Also Read - India to Resume Direct Flights With Canada? Check Details Here