The Internet is filled with funny yet mind-blowing things that never disappoints us. This time netizens are going gaga over a lookalike of Black Panther aka Chadwick Boseman. A Twitter user, Suleiman Abdulfatai recently posted a selfie which went viral in few seconds. His uncanny resemblance to T’Challa of Wakanda left Black Panther fans amazed. Suleiman Abdulfatai is a graphic and clothing designer from Nigeria. The world did not notice him for his work but for being a doppelganger of Boseman that made him famous overnight. Twitterati went crazy and convinced him to pose just like the King of Wakanda. Meanwhile, few Twitter users shared memes and jokes about the uncanny similarities. Also Read - Boko Haram Ties up, Slaughters Dozens of Farmers in Nigeria: Report

One of the Twitter users posted, “I sincerely thought this was a photoshopped picture of @chadwickboseman.” While others thought that it would a brilliant plan to cast him for Black Panther 2 especially after what happened in Avengers: Infinity War. Also Read - All About Colon Cancer: Symptoms And Treatment of Disease That Took Black Panther Aka Chadwick Boseman's Life

He captioned the image, “Me and my unhumble self…..#FineEbiraTwitter #FineKogiTwitter.” Also Read - 'Tribute Fit For a King', Post Announcing Chadwick Boseman's Demise Breaks Twitter Record

Have a look at his post

Suleiman Abdulfatai has also posted a picture of him in which he poses just like Black Panther and captioned it as, “For the Culture! #WakandaForever.”

Check out how Twitterati was amazed

It was not just Twitter where he garnered so much of attention. The Black Panther fans have also started to stalk and comment on his Instagram profile.