New Delhi: A nine-year-old girl from Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior underwent a brain surgery in full conscious state at the Birla Hospital on Sunday. The girl named Soumya underwent the surgery to remove a tumour in her brain and through out the operation she kept playing a piano. Also Read - Meet this 21-year-old Female Auto Driver from J&K Breaking all Barriers to Help her Father Earn a Living

Speaking to ANI after her surgery, Soumya said, “I played the piano for at least 6 hours, I also played mobile games. I feel better now.” Also Read - Talking Elephant? This Jumbo's Conversation with its Mahout will Definitely Make Your Day | Watch

According to a India Today report, when Soumya was brought to the hospital by her parents for treatment, doctors said that it would be difficult to perform a major surgery on her as there was a possibility of damage to the other nerves of her brain. Hence, doctors decided that her surgery will be done in an ‘Awake Craniotomy’ method. Also Read - Gorakhpur Police Gets Trolled by Netizens for Photoshopping Facemasks on Constable and Murder Accused

And, as Soumya enjoys playing the piano, the team of doctors asked her to play the musical keyboard during the surgery. She was given local anesthesia only in the part of her head where the surgery was performed.

The neurosurgeon who conducted the surgery termed the case as a challenging one and said that it was successful with the whole team’s efforts. Neurosurgeon Abhishek Chauhan said, “The case was challenging but the operation was successful with our team’s efforts. When we were operating we asked her to play the piano. There were chances for the child to slip into paralysis but she was conscious throughout the operation.”