Nostalgia is a mood that people love to visit often. From candies that people relished as kids to games they played or even films they watched, people often take a walk down the memory lane to discuss things they miss. But what if, during this walk, one of the things you love ends up making a comeback? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well, Nokia seems to understand this very well. Perhaps why they have done this not once but twice. After re-launching the 3310, Nokia has now launched the revised version of Nokia 8110 in 4G. The Nokia 8110 was a slider phone that left a lasting impression on pop culture thanks to Keanu Reaves in The Matrix, which was first released in 1996. The phone achieved cult status for its curved back and sliding keyboard cover. Also Read - Nokia Wins $14.1 Million NASA Award to Set up 4G Network on The Moon

Nokia 3310 - Here are the 5 features we hope Nokia does not change in the new version of the iconic device

Nokia 3310 - Here are the 5 features we hope Nokia does not change in the new version of the iconic device

The Nokia 8110 was also known as the ‘Banana’ phone, and is all set to make a comeback in 2018. HMD Global has launched the revamped version of the iconic Nokia 8110 with 4G LTE connectivity at Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona on Sunday. No sooner did the news of Nokia 8110 come out, than its fans across the world began rejoicing. Fans of reaves took to Twitter to share old clips from the film, while others shared their memories with the slider phone. The younger generation also expressed their amusement at the existence of a ‘banana’ phone. From jokes and memes to punny comments, netizens responded in a variety of ways to this news. Also Read - Nokia Launches 2 New Budget Smartphones in Europe | Read Here

Here’s a look at some of the funniest reactions:

Banana Na Na:

More demands on the way:

It’s back:

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Baked in Nostalgia:

A well-made plan?

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What phone showrooms could look like?

Family photo:

Bananas for work:

New email signature:

In the past, Nokia has also tried to recapture market share by launching a revised version of Nokia 3310. Durability was one of the key selling points of the phones, claimed Nokia. A key addition to the revised version of Nokia 8110 4G is that it comes with 4G LTE connectivity, a colour screen and support for apps. Priced at Rs 6,285 (€79), the Nokia 8110 4G will be available from May 2018. Would you be tempted to buy one?