We have left behind 2020, but seems our troubles haven’t ended. According to NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies, five asteroids are set to make a close approach to Earth today, two of which are are reportedly bigger than the Eiffel Tower.Also Read - Giant Asteroid As Tall As Burj Khalifa To Make Near-Earth Approach on November 29, Is it Dangerous?

The huge asteroid called 2021 CO247 is 0.83 times the height of the Eiffel Tower and it is predicted that this celestial body will fly past the Earth at 7.4 million kilometres. The other one, biggest of the five asteroids, 2008 AF4, is nearly half-a-kilometre wide and it will go past Earth around 2:30 AM on January 7. The smallest of the six asteroids, 2021 AJ which is not more than 20 metres in diameter will go past the planet in the evening (5 PM IST approx).

Thankfully, the other three asteroids are relatively small and don’t pose much threat to our planet.

Do they pose any threat?

If these asteroids crashed into the planet, the resulting impact could be the equivalent of the largest nuclear bombs. However, NASA said that none of these asteroids are an immediate threat. The asteroid 2008 AF4 is over 15 million km away from Earth and does not pose a threat, Indian Express reported. Only Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) pose a threat to Earth and that also depends on the size as the celestial objects burn upon entering the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, asteroids approaching the Earth has become a common occurrence these days. Just 3 days back, a gigantic 220-meter asteroid, about as wide as Golden Gate Bridge flew past the Earth at 6.9 million kilometers.

Notably, popular French astrologer Nostradamus had made a prediction saying that an asteroid as big as the Eiffel Tower will hit Earth sometime early in 2021. He had made 6,338 predictions out of which 3,797 prophecies have proved correct.