Alyssa Mendoza, a resident of the Philippines was taken by surprise after she received an email from her father, who had died 10 months ago! What happened next was the unfolding of a beautiful act of love, a gesture that will leave you in tears.Also Read - Horror in Tamil Nadu: Man Murders Wife on First Night of Their Wedding, Later Hangs Himself From Tree

When she clicked on the email, she found out that her father Bing had left her detailed instructions on how to organize a 25th wedding anniversary party for her mother. The couple was supposed to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary together, but he passed away in 2019 due to chronic kidney disease.

“Three weeks ago, I received a scheduled email from my dad. At first, I was scared to open it because, well who wouldn’t be scared to get and open an email from someone who passed away 10 months ago. Two days after I saw the notification, I decided to open the e-mail and couldn’t believe what I was reading. My dad’s love for my mom IS definitely immeasurable,” Mendoza wrote in a Facebook post.

Knowing well that he wouldn’t survive, he had contacted a florist and paid for flowers to be delivered to her mother for the coming years on every special occasion — her mother’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and their wedding anniversary.

“The e-mail contained instructions for me for their anniversary celebration this year. Apparently, before my dad passed away 10 months ago, he planned everything, he even contacted and paid for a florist to deliver flowers to my mom for the coming years on every special occasion, my mom’s birthday (August 19,) Valentine’s Day, and their anniversary (June 10),” Mendoza wrote.

“Not even death could stop my dad from loving my mom and showing her how much she meant to him,” Mendoza added.

The touching post has gone viral with people exclaiming that it seems like a movie, while others wished and pined for a similar kind of love story.