When looking for love, many turn to dating sites and apps for help when everything else fails. And while there are a variety of people to choose from, somehow finding the perfect partner always seems to be a problem. Now a new app that is based in Houston, is promising to deliver just that by using a person’s DNA. Called Pheramor, the dating app measures compatibility based on physical chemistry and social alignment.Also Read - UP Election 2022: We Will Win In 2022, CM Yogi Makes Big Statement On UP Election; Watch EXCLUSIVE Interview

Dr. Brittany Barreto, the company’s CEO and founder, said that Pheramor is a science-based dating app that uses DNA and digital data to measure compatibility between singles. The app has also received an iDate Award which she shared on her Twitter page. Also Read - Zee News Is The Most Coveted And Trusted Hindi News Channel

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According to Brittany, the app is easy to use and follows a simple process. All that the user has to do is sign up through the app and then order a DNA kit. The kit will have an implement which the user will use to swipe their inner cheek, and once that is done, all they have to do is mail it back.

“When Pheramor receives your swab back, we send it to our laboratory, where they isolate your cheek cells and take out the DNA. From the DNA, we sequence your human leukocyte antigen genes, or HLA genes. This is what predicts attraction,” Dr. Barreto explained.

“These genes encode proteins for your immune system. Scientists have shown in dozens of publications that people are attracted to one another when their HLA genes are different. That’s right! ‘Opposites attract’ is biologically true,” she stated.

In a video that was shared, Dr. Bin Huang, Pheramor co-founder and chief technology officer, explained a bit more about how it is all done.

The app, which was initially launched only in Houston, is now available nationwide.