People living in metros understand the struggle that they go through finding a cab for their commute. Finding an Ola or an Uber is next to finding God during peak office hours and if the driver cancels your ride then you end up paying the cancellation fee which is grossly unfair. Getting your ride canceled is a common worry that regular cab-takers in India grapple with on a regular basis. However, this man from Gurgaon resorted to humour (something that he is known for on Twitter) instead of complaining about the customer service and got nicely rewarded by the Ola guys too. Abhishek Asthana, who goes by the very popular Twitter handle @GabbarSingh booked an Ola ride for himself and his brother to the airport but his driver canceled the ride and he was forced to pay the unfair cancellation fee. He posted the incident on Twitter with a hilarious analogy as is his nature and got rewarded by the Ola guys themselves who took the analogy pretty seriously. Not surprisingly, the people on Twitter took the tweet and made it viral. Also Read - Women's Day 2021: How Pooja Kumari is Breaking Gender Stereotypes, One Cab at a Time!

On October 21, 2017, Abhishek Ashthana and his brother had booked an Ola to go to the airport but ended up paying the cancellation fee because their driver canceled their trip. On October 22, 2017, Abhishek Asthana tweeted about the incident which prompted Ola to take the matters into their own hands. Abhishek Asthana tweeted, “Yesterday, Ola charged the cancellation fee when the Driver denied duty, it’s like u ask “Samosa hai?” The shopkeeper says “No” and takes 10 Rs.” His tweet escalated quickly and Ola refunded the cancellation fee and even sent him a plate of samosas with an apology letter to his house. Uber Driver Abuses Mallika Dua & Asks Her to Leave: Indian Comedian Bashes Online Cab Company for Lack of Safety & Customer Care Also Read - From Passion to Books, Beauty & Food: This is What Indian Women Are Talking About on Twitter

Abhishek Asthana’s tweet that did the trick

The cab company reversed the cancellation fee and went a step further in providing customer satisfaction

They sent the Twitter user a plate of samosas with an apology letter

There were many on Twitter who appreciated the company’s response. However, there were some smart people who had an alternative advice for Mr. Asthana

A gold ring would have been an adequate compensation

How can an iPhone be left out from the debate

Ola must be thanking their stars

All of us have been at the receiving end of a cancellation fee at least once but even though our money was refunded we never got samosas as compensation. Is it time to switch to an Ola instead of an Uber?