Begging has gone virtual too! Clearly, the profession of begging is evolving with changing times. But wait, before you get all excited and think of minting money through online begging, pause. And read this.Also Read - US Judge Blocks President Trump's Order to Ban TikTok From App Store

WeChat launched a lucky money feature where people using the chatting app could ask friends and family to give them money. Essentially begging, the feature let users collect “lucky” money during the Chinese New Year. While it is supposed to be strictly in the form of blessings (like we have the tradition of gifting money to children during festivals), many users seem to be demanding the money from their friends. Also Read - US to Ban TikTok, WeChat Downloads From September 20 Amid Security Concerns

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The feature is exclusive only to China and is yet to be rolled out for the English versions. It was in China that the lucky woman made 1000 Yuan (over Rs 10,000)! Wang, from Chongqing Municipality in Southwest China came up with a unique proposition to mint money online. She told her friends and users of the WeChat app that she would tell people her first impression of them if they gave her the lucky money! Many people, friends as well as acquaintances gladly paid up the amount as they wanted to know her opinion of them! She posted the message on Friday around afternoon and by Sunday, she already had over 1000 Yuan from over 10o people! Wang herself was quite surprised and stuneed that it was so easy to make so much money online in such a simple way. While talking to Chongqing Morning Post, she said, “I was flattered and I had no idea that my friends cared so much about what I thought about them.”

There are many others who are coming up with crazy reasons to ask some money from their friends. The reasons include anything from “I want money” to “I want the iPhone 6s and don’t want to sell my kidney”! While the receivers are extremely happy making money the easy way, many users are pissed with the whole new feature. To them it seems like an way to beg and exhort money from them. They don’t even have an option to refuse as they are afraid of losing out on friends if they don’t pay up. Hmm. Complicated but surely amazing to those emotional blackmailers!

Wow! This sure sounds a fun way to “beg” and make money. I’m sure half the world is waiting for the version to be rolled out to all regions. Till then, plan and keep your ‘begging’ ideas ready!

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