We just saw a trending video of a man who went down a water slide at a Texas water park in USA, backwards. And now we have another stupid dare act in London, England. The video has, of course, gone viral. A man jumped off the famous Tower Bridge over the Thames river at a whim. And he regretted it later. He almost died and had to swim for miles to reach shore! Also Read - Giant Jeff Goldblum statue erected in London

This man named Carnage shared the video footage of himself jumping off and then being saved by medics. “Here is an unedited version of me jumping off London’s famous Tower Bridge into the River Thames. It originally was a dare from one of my subscribers, and I attempted it as I like doing crazy shit. This was later very regretted by me and i realized it was the stupidest idea ever. Thanks for watching!”, he simply says. Also Read - .LONDON/WASHINGTON FGN10 UK-TRUMP-EMBASSY Trump again criticises new US embassy in London

Watch the video here, but don’t ever attempt something like this! Also Read - Trump cancelled UK visit over lack of 'enough love': report