You don’t know what exactly Tanishq Abraham’s claim to fame is. He was a member of the Mensa Club at the age of four, a Davidson Young Scholar at six, a college student at seven and a holder of three degrees at the age of 11. Through the process, his articles on astronomy were published on the website of NASA. He also takes interests in swimming, chess, soccer and music. The musically inclined genius has been training to play the piano since the age of just three. Also Read - Key NASA Rocket Test Cut Short Due To Early Engine Shutdown

The homeschooled boy-genius has been giving lectures in colleges and public talks for a long time. This video is from TedX Sacramento when he wqas a nine-year old. Do listen to this little boy capturing the imagination of the crowd. Also Read - NASA Approves Two New Missions to Explore the Sun in 2021 | Details

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