Ladies hate it when anybody tries to mess with their hair. Hair styling is a crucial matter for women and for which they could even spend (or waste like men say) hours and hours of time just to get that Perfect Look. BuzzFeed has made a cute video featuring few couples. The cute guys try braiding their girl’s hair. They try hairstyles such as classic French braid, Fishtail braid and Katniss Everdeen side-plait. Also Read - Expert Tips To Jazz Up Messy Hair in a Very Short Time

Braiding is surely a tricky business. Even ladies find it hard to get that perfect braid. Thousands of videos and quick steps might also not help. So, if anything goes wrong out here by the handsome men, it could surely be forgiven right? Have a look at the efforts taken by the men for their ladies and know the results by yourself. Also Read - Girls Should Not Make Boyfriends to be Safe, Says BJP MLA Pannalal Shakya

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The classic French braid is beautiful and all time favorite. The twist and turns look complicated but it is a simple process. But here, whether the hair was short or long, the difficulty to do a braid looked alike for all the men. The best part is they didn’t quit!

Fishtail Braid

For ladies, fishtail braid is less chunky version of a normal braid. It’s a quick hair-do if they are running late in the morning for college or work. It works the best and long hairs and looks beautiful. Men you should have tried it first on some baby doll than your pretty ladies.

Katniss Everdeen Side-Plait

The Katniss Everdeen side-plait could also be called the famous ‘The Hunger Games’ braid just because Katniss did this signature style in the movie. This braid could also be called as a dutch braid, the only difference is it is curved.

Hope you loved the effort taken by these boyfriends. So men keep practicing if you intend to do any such sort of hairstyles for your girlfriend’s. Watch the video below and let us know your views!