Netflix has definitely revolutionized the way the whole world watches TV and it will not be wrong to say that Netflix has also brought in the culture to watch whatever we want and at any time we want through its online streaming services. Netflix is dominating globally through its original movies and series but excluded Africa. Netflix subscribers in over 190 countries can enjoy watching movies and TV shows. Also Read - Netflix's Betaal Receives Criticism: Actor Viineet Kumar Says 'It's Not an Audience-Friendly Genre' And Backlash is Expected

Netflix has also gone global in terms of the show that Netflix has been creating. In Australia, the online streaming service is producing its first-ever original local series, the supernatural crime drama Tidelands and is co-producing The Let Down. It is also coming up with new generation Korean web series for the fans of South Korea. In India, it is coming up with Bollywood based shows on a huge budget. Also Read - Betaal Full HD Available For Free Download Online on Tamilrockers and Other Torrent Sites

With all these new original Netflix shows, nothing has been mentioned about creating African TV series. Even though the production cost of Africa TV industry is significantly low with just $8 billion production budget for the year, Netflix is disinterested in producing African TV show. Also Read - Shah Rukh Khan's Netflix Series Betaal Faces Plagiarism Charges, Marathi Writers Reach Court And Complain to SWA

However, it’s still too early to assume the streaming online service as Netflix landed in Africa in the year 2016. If we look into African cinema, Nollywood has been continent’s most successful film industry which also can be one of the reasons for Netflix’s indifference towards the continent.

Another reason for Netflix to not produce African themed shows can be that the continent already has its own online streaming service, iROKOtv which produces original content of African stories for the locals in Nigeria. The company has an investment of $19 million and has to distribute partnership with Amazon and iTunes. Also, DStv Premium’s management has rejected the advent of Netflix in the continent citing that it might affect the local employment industry.