New Delhi: A hilarious video is doing the rounds on social media showing a man falling headlong into a garbage truck while attempting to throw trash into it. Instead of the trash, it is he who falls into the truck, as passersby gather to witness what has happened.Also Read - 'Akal Badi ya Bhains?' This Buffalo Breaks Free From His Chain, Video Goes Viral

The 14-second video clip first shows the garbage van stopping outside his house. A man appears out of a window and tries to throw garbage down into the van. However, amusingly enough, he falls into the garbage cart himself while the black trash bag falls down from his hand onto the floor.

The video was shared by IPS Dipanshu Kabra on February 9 on Twitter. In a tweet, wrote, ”To throw trash Do not throw with garbage. Even a little carelessness in everyday tasks can lead to big incidents. So always be careful, avoid such shortcuts and if there is any place in the house that can cause an accident, then take appropriate measures to avoid it. Such as building a high boundary etc”.

Watch the video here:

Needless to say, the video is going viral and being shared widely along with some hilarious comments. Some were also concerned about him, and we hope that he is doing fine. Here are some of the comments:

Well, taking a shortcut can prove costly, right?