Ever wondered what what stupid mistakes police officers of foreign countries make in search operations? Well if not then here is a video which will make you laugh, but at the same will aware that police is every country are same and similar is their activity. We are telling this to you as people believe that Indian policemen do the most stupid things, but it is not at all correct. Also Read - 2 Jaish-e-Mohammed Terrorists Arrested in Delhi Given 5 Days Police Remand

Thanks to the earlier Bollywood movies made in 70’s, which made a perception that police will arrive only after everything is over. Lol! But the fact was not that true or even if there was some truth in it, may be it was because of bad connectivity of roads. Smiling right! Actually this was just one aspect. The second was bad telephone connectivity too. So if the information reaches late, action too will be taken late. Don’t go deep into the matter. Lets concentrate on the video. Also Read - PM to dedicate National Police Memorial to nation on Sunday

The video is a compilation of videos of different ‘smart’ policemen from all across the globe who make things just as easy they think, but in reality it turn totally opposite against them. In one of the video a policeman was slapped by an abusing woman, and guess what that male police officer did! He slapped her in return and then said sorry. In another video, the policeman was chasing a culprit and falls as he was fat. The man was drunk, so he was also falling. So what do you call it!  I call it a “fall affair”. Also Read - J&J faulty hip implants: SC seeks report from Centre's expert committee

As I don’t want to make your interest less in the video, I suggest you watch it. But please don’t think only Indian policemen make stupid mistakes.