Kannauj: In a bizarre incident, a family in Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj district landed in a hospital after consuming ‘ganja sabzi’ (weed) assuming that it was methi or fenugreek. The incident took place in Miyaganj village on Saturday when vegetable vendor Naval Kishore gave a packet of dried cannabis leaves to a man named Nitesh, claiming that it was methi.Also Read - All For A High: Telangana Youth Drives 600 Km From Hyderabad to Chhattisgarh Amid Lockdown Just To Get Weed

Unaware that it was actually weed, Nitesh gave the packet to his sister-in-law Pinki and asked her to cook ‘methi ki sabzi’. The family of six ate the ‘ganja sabzi’ at 5 pm in the evening and soon after, their health started deteriorating.

After they all complained of dizziness and started fainting, the neighbors alerted the police after which the family was taken to a local hospital. During interrogation, the police found the cooked ‘ganja sabzi’ in a vessel along with an uncooked packet of weed left in the kitchen.

The police then seized both the cooked and uncooked weed and detained the vegetable seller soon after. When the vegetable vendor was asked why he had sold weed to the man, he said that it was meant to be a joke!

Naval Kishore, said, “Maine mazak mazak mein ganje ke pattiya de di thi.” (I gave the weed leaves jokingly).

Reportedly, the family is recovering and is under medical care and a case will be registered soon.