Sitarganj: In a heartwarming tale, a 65-year-old man Jameel Ahmed Ansari was reunited with his family in Uttarakhand’s Sitarganj after being separated from them 6 years back. Also Read - Uttarakhand floods: Still homeless, four years on

Back in 2013, when Uttarakhand floods had ravaged the state, Ansari’s family had presumed that he passed away when he had gone missing.  However, thanks to ‘Operation Smile’, conducted by Uttarakhand police to trace missing persons, Ansari was back with his family, at last. Also Read - Four killed, six soldiers missing in Uttarakhand floods

As a part of the search program, Ansari was found by the police in an old age home at Gopeshwar in Chamoli district where he had been living for the past two years as he had no money to return to home. Also Read - Uttarakhand Floods: The disaster of our own choosing!

Using the power of the internet, the police then traced his whereabouts after putting up his picture on social media. And it worked as his nephew identified him.

“I had no money to return. I was a construction worker when the floods came. I stayed at an old age home for two-three years. I am happy to be reunited with my family. I will not go anywhere else now,”Ansari said.

After he was traced, his wife Mobin Ansari and elder son traveled to Gopeshwar and the police handed him to them on January 1.

“I searched for him everywhere. He went missing during Uttarakhand floods. The police received his photo and we received information from one of our relatives. We have already spent so much money in trying to trace him,” Mobin Ansari said.

Indeed, a happy new year for them!