While the entertainment industry was still grappling with actor Sushant Singh Rajput and Crime Patrol actor Preksha Mehta’s deaths, another talented life, of a 16-year-old TikTok star Siya Kakkar, was lost by suicide. While the reason behind her suicide is still unknown, her manager Arjun Sarin hinted at a ‘personal’ reason since professionally she was doing well, according to him.Also Read - DDA Special Housing Scheme 2021: DDA Plans 'Mini Draw' For Waitlisted Applicants in September

With over 1 million followers on TikTok and more than a lakh followers on Instagram, Siya enjoyed a huge fanbase. Having started out by making comic lipsync videos, Siya soon rose to fame for her dance videos. Her sudden death left the netizens wondering where the youth of the country is headed and Twitter brimmed with concern and distress on Thursday evening. In an absolutely wrong way though! Also Read - Groom Exposes Cheating Bride By Playing Video of Her Affair With Brother In Law At Wedding. Watch

It was Sushant’s death news which had woken up many to the ways one should correctly tackle such triggering news and the discussions on mental health but going by fans’ expressions on Twitter, looks like we are back to square one. Blaming the deceased, one user wrote, “SUICIDE IS NOT A SOLUTION. PLEASE BEFORE TAKING A STEP LIKE THIS THINK ABOUT YOUR LOVED ONES. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE STRUGGLING OUT THEIR. EVERY SECOND PERSON HAS PROBLEMS MAYBE WORSE THAN YOURS . PLEASE TRY TO MAKE YOUR BOND STRONG WITH YOUR PARENTS. KEEP FIGHTING #SiyaKakkar (sic)”, while another brushed it under the carpet of religion and expressed, “#SiyaKakkar Message of true worship Whatever is being obtained in the human life is a collection of the deeds performed in the previous lives. If one does not worship the true God Kabir and perform auspicious deeds in the present time, then the future life will become hell (sic)” Also Read - Delhi Reports 2,031 Fresh Covid Cases, 9 Deaths In A Day

Check out Twitter’s insensitive and cringe-worthy reaction on the news here:

Surely, suicide should not be an option but neither should be a society that creates a choking environment for one to live peacefully. We have passed the dark ages long time back to discover new planets and even water on Mars but when it comes to mental health and its priorities, we are still consumed with ignorance. In a society where mental illnesses are already considered a taboo, such tweets only further the discussion from ever being brought out on the table and be addressed in the right way.

When one breaks a leg and it bleeds, you do not preach them to get a grip on themselves, face it as another adversity, simply talk to their parents to heal it or cure it merely by reading a religious text. While these can come as a solace but never as a remedy to a bleeding wound and so you urge them to visit a doctor quickly.

Same is the case with mental illnesses. You encourage a person with mental disorder to go and consult a psychiatrist at the earliest instead of making it all about yourself or adding to their anxiety by laying out the struggles of others. As for the deceased, you maintain dignity of the dead and certainly not blame them!

Siya Kakkar’s death by suicide, at her Preet Vihar residence in New Delhi, might make one wonder where the youth of the country is headed. However, going by the discussions on Twitter, the more important thing to address now is, where are we headed as a society – still intolerant about mental health!