July 16: Have you ever wondered where and when was your religion born and how exactly did it spread all over the world? Isn’t it fascinating to note how millions of people in various big and small pockets of the world came to practice the same faith as you? Also Read - Anokhi Vidai Viral Video: This Bride Breaks All Taboos, Rides Away in Driver's Seat With Her Groom | WATCH

This easy to understand animated video by Business Insider brilliantly illustrates how exactly the 5 major religions of the world- Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam- were born and how and when they spread to parts of the world other than their birth places. The map uses different colours for all religions to illustrate what parts of the world practice which religion. Read: Narendra Modi gifts Nursultan Nazarbayev books on religions born in India Also Read - Holi 2021 Hair Care and Skin Care: Best Tips to Cure Damage From Colours

This map will break some of your most deep rooted assumptions and myths about the origin and spread of your religion and will give you clear insights on how exactly millions of the people came to follow the same set of beliefs that you do. Watch video to learn more! Also Read - Holi 2021 : Best Pre-Holi Hair Care and Skincare Tips to Prevent Damage | Watch Video