The millennials favourite catchphrases have now found recognition by the reputed Oxford English Dictionary as it recently updated its vocabulary. Paving way for words like chutzpadik, awesomesauce, noonie, mouthie, next tomorrow, droning, weaksauce and taxicab, Oxford dictionary set the Grammar Nazi on a frenzy this Friday. Also Read - 'Chuddies' Makes Way Into Oxford English Dictionary Among 650 New Words

Chutzpadik refers to being self-confident or audacious. It is a word borrowed from Yiddish, a Jewish language. A single word for extremely good or another word for excellent is awesomesauce, derived from an amalgamation of the English words ‘awesome’ and ‘sauce’. While noonie means female genitals, mouthie refers to a person’s mouth and next tomorrow is a term suggesting the day after tomorrow. Also Read - Oxford English Dictionary Adds 1,400 New Entries Including Idiocracy, Nothingburger And Fam

On the other hand, the word droning has two meanings. While one meaning of the word simply refers to the act of flying a drone for commercial or recreational purposes or the act of using a military drone to attack or kill an opponent, another meaning of the word is likened to the behavioural characteristic of a male bee that is meaningless work, dull, inactive, laziness, indolence or repetitive.

Another word for lackluster, pathetic, worthless or stupid is weaksauce while a taxicab is another word for the regular car/cab that transports passengers to their required destinations in exchange for payment as per the taximeter fitted and licensed in it. Apart from these, the word side-hug has also been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

In an interview with PTI earlier, Jonathan Dent, OED Senior Assistant Editor, had said, “Each new and revised entry has been painstakingly researched, and at no point have our editors simply mailed it in.”