This year the winter season is breaking new records. Calgary zoo in Canada has put up shelters and keeping penguins indoors, the Niagara Falls has frozen and sheets of ice are seen floating in North Carolina. However, all this news of biting cold is nothing compared to what a small town named Oymyakon in Siberia has recorded a temperature of minus 62 degrees Celsius. The photos that have surfaced on the internet of the small town will astonish you because apparently, even eyelashes have collected snow and people are struggling to survive the bitter cold. Oymyakon has become the world’s coldest village by recording -62 degrees temperature before breaking the thermometer. Calgary Zoo in Canada Moves its Penguins Indoors to Shelter Them From Freezing Temperature and Chilly WindsAlso Read - Russian Plane With 13 People On Board Goes Missing Near Siberia: Reports  

People took to social media to share pictures of Oymyakon to showcase the cold that has gripped the entire town. According to Daily Mail, the village inhabits only about 500 people, and a digital thermometer that was installed in the village last year stopped working after recording a temperature of minus 62 degree Celsius. However, the locals believe that the official readings do not tell the full story. Oymyakon always has an extremely cold temperature but the people who live here try not to let it hamper their daily routine. Check out some of the pictures that are being shared on social media of Oymyakon. Viral Video Shows Rare Phenomenon of Waves of Ice Crashing Against Dock in North Carolina Also Read - Magic or Freezing Temperatures? Siberian Man Shares Pic of Noodles & Eggs Frozen in The Air | See Jaw-Dropping Post

Frozen Eyelashes

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Extreme cold

Frozen town

We must applaud the resilience of the people who stay in Oymyakon as they brave such harsh climates and still reside there. Let’s hope that the cold that has gripped the Northern Hemisphere relents and abates soon. Oymyakon looks as if Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen has built the town and might be residing here.