New Delhi: A student from Delhi University, who hails from Kashmir, has alleged that hotel aggregation firm OYO Rooms cancelled his booking for a room in North Delhi, because of his identity. Also Read - Thousands Losing Jobs as Oyo Rooms Firing Staff For Underperformance

The student named Nouman Rafiq, said that he had booked a double occupancy room at OYO 49019 Aasha Residency in Vijay Nagar for 15-17 February, for his father and sister who were visiting Delhi. Also Read - Soon, you can book OYO rooms on WhatsApp

However, when the trio reached the hotel, the staff denied him the room after he said he was from Jammu and Kashmir. They also told him that ID of Jammu and Kashmir is not ‘legal’ in India.

A screenshots of a message from Nouman, which is going viral on Twitter says, ”When I went to check-in, they refused entry citing that we don’t allow people from Pakistan, Afghanistan and J&K. This is our hotel policy and is mentioned in OYO’s policy, is what they said. They said J&K’s ID is not a legal ID in India.”

Upon their refusal, Rafiq demanded the hotel staff to show him written proof of the policy, following which they claimed it was in the OYO app and allegedly refused to entertain any further questions.

Nouman told The Print, “It’s very humiliating. When I called the OYO helpline, I was told the policy is that nationals from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are barred from checking into the hotel. They apologised for the inconvenience and offered to shift my booking to another hotel.”

After the incident went viral, many on Twitter questioned OYO’s discriminatory policies, and demanded an explanation:

This isn’t the first time that OYO has courted controversy regarding Kashmiris. In August last year, a 24-year-old Kashmir youth, a doctor by profession was denied a room by a hotel after he showed his ID card, which had a Kashmiri address.

Later, OYO Rooms said that they have taken disciplinary action against the hotel manager.