Lucknow: Seems like Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has got a new fan! And surprisingly this fan is not Indian, as you would expect but a senior journalist from Pakistan who is quite impressed with the way, Adityanath dealt with the Covid-19 crisis in his state. Also Read - Yogi Adityanath Offers Prayers at Gorakhnath Temple as Religious Places Reopen After Over 2 Months

Fahd Husain, editor of Pakistan’s leading daily ‘Dawn’ on Sunday hailed Uttar Pradesh for having a lower mortality rate and lauded how the govt strictly enforced the lockdown. He tweeted a graph comparing the death rate of Pakistan and Uttar Pradesh, showing how the two sides handled the crisis.

As per the graph, Pakistan has a population of 208 million and UP has 225 million but the neighbouring country had Covid-19 death rate almost seven times higher than that of UP.

He wrote, ”Look at this graph carefully. It compares death rate of Pakistan and Indian state of UP. Both have roughly same population profile & literacy. Pakistan has lesser density/km and higher GDP/capita. UP was strict with lockdown. We were not. See diff in death rate.”

In another tweet, Fahd also compared Pakistan’s performance with Maharashtra and wrote that the latter performed “terribly” in relation to Pakistan.

”Here’s another graphic comparison this time between Pakistan and Indian state of Maharashtra (prepared by an expert). This shows how terribly Maharashtra has performed in relation to Pakistan. Shows the outcome of bad decisions & their deadly consequences,” he wrote on Twitter.

The tweet comes a day after Hussain’s comprehensive article ”Message that matters” wherein he dealt at length with how Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government is struggling with its message on Covid-19 and how it should come out of the crisis.

Pakistan has recorded 2,067 deaths and 1,03,671 infections of the novel coronavirus.

(With Agency inputs)