To commemorate International Day of Peace 2020 on Monday, a Vietnam-based pizza restaurant Pizza 4P’s introduced 3 new variants of fusion pizza by combining flavours from different countries and called them ‘Peace Pizza’.Also Read - Pizza & Pasta Sauce Recipe: Do Try This Scrumptious Italian Cuisine at Home

One of them is ‘India-Pakistan’ peace pizza, which is a combination of ‘Delhi Palak Paneer’ and ‘Karachi Chapli Kebab’. The second one is China-USA pizza which consists of ‘Shanghai Chill Shrimp’ and ‘New York Buffalo Chicken’, whereas the Israel-Palestine peace pizza combines ‘Tel Aviv Zaatar Hummus’ with ‘Ramallah Musakhan’.

Journalist  Michael Tatarski tweeted the pictures of the unique experiment and wrote, ”The ever-adventurous Pizza 4P’s has introduced three ‘peace pizzas,’ including US-China, India-Pakistan and Israel-Palestine. They say that if these flavours can live together on a pizza, surely we can live together in peace. Has Jared Kushner tried this?”

According to Pizza 4P’s website, the restaurant doesn’t just want to be a “a great pizza restaurant”, they also want to “make the world smile for peace”.

However, not many were impressed with the concept of these ‘peace pizzas’ while others had a problem with the choice of ingredients. Many shrugged at the idea of combining Palak Paneer with kebabs and questioned the idea of pairing vegetarian and non-vegetarian items.

Here are a few reactions:

Notably, 100% of all proceeds from the sale of these Peace Pizzas will go to the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, as per the restaurant website.