We might have learnt ‘U for umbrella’ when learning the alphabet but at a time when the wave of change against racial discrimination is riding the world, Municipal Girls High School in Burdwan city of East Burdwan district, West Bengal, remains in the dark ages. The government aided school, instead of unlearning racial discriminations, is planting the seed of colour bias in toddlers at a very young age by teaching them ‘U for ugly’ with a picture of a black man. Also Read - 'Criminalisation of Politics Has Scaled New Heights in West Bengal,' JP Nadda Attacks Mamata Govt

Yes, you read that right! The illustration in the alphabets book of of the pre-primary department, describes letter ‘U’ as ‘Ugly’ with a person of dark complexion in the picture. In an inter with India Today, District Inspector of School Primary Education, Swapan Kumar Dutt, said, “This kind of book is not an official book given by the school. We will still talk to the school about it. If needed the book should be changed.” He had initially refused to comment on the matter. Also Read - Bangladeshi Smugglers Attack BSF Troops, Three Personnel Injured

A teacher of Kolkata Bangbasi (Evening) College, Sudip Majumdar, shared with the news agency, “My daughter is studying in this Municipal Girls High School. I came across this subject while teaching my daughter. It is completely wrong to educate children by calling a black person ugly in this way.” Also Read - Bengal BJP MP Locket Chatterjee Tests Positive For COVID-19

The parents whose kids studied in the government school, reportedly staged protest against the usage of the black person’s image as an illustration in children’s curriculum books on alphabet and words. They raised their voice to discourage embedding of racial bias in the young kids by teaching them ‘U’ for ‘ugly’.

At a time when Indian celebrities are raising strong voices to support the Black Lives Matter movement in America, this sorry state of affairs of education back home comes as a stinging slap!