Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019 Date and Time in India (Chandra Grahan 2019): A partial lunar eclipse will take place next week on July 16 and 17 and much of the world will be able to witness the celestial phenomenon. This will be last lunar eclipse of 2019 and it will be visible in India. The partial lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon but they do not form a straight line. When this occurs, a small part of the Moon’s surface is covered by the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow that is called Umbra. As the moon moves deeper and deeper into the Earth’s shadow, the moon changes colour before your very eyes, turning from grey to an orange or deep shade of red. The partial lunar eclipse will be visible in Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe and Asia. It will not be visible in North America except the southern and eastern part of the continent. Also Read - Lunar Eclipse 2020: Last Chandra Grahan of This Year on November 30 | All You Need to Know

India Timings of Partial Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan):

The Penumbral eclipse will begin at 12:13 am on July 17and the Partial Eclipse will occur at 1:31 am. The maximum eclipse will take place at 3 am. The partial lunar eclipse will end at 4:29 am. The Penumbral eclipse will end at 5:47 am. Also Read - Lunar Eclipse 2020 Date and Time: Countries Will Witness July 5 Thunder Moon Eclipse Or Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Duration of the Partial Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan):

The total duration of the eclipse is 5 hours, 34 minutes. Also Read - Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan) 2020: How This Celestial Phenomenon Impacts Pregnant Women?

The total duration of partial lunar eclipse is 2 hours, 58 minutes.

How to watch partial lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan):

The lunar eclipse can be watched with naked eyes. There are also various events specially organised for viewing the eclipse live, either through telescopes or even on TV. For viewers in India, the eclipse will be visible in its entirety from all parts of the country.

The next lunar eclipse will take place on May 26, 2021.