They say fashion and cosmetic industry would have to shut down if women believed they were beautiful. True, isn’t it? A lot of women enjoy following trends and keeping up to the recent fashion statements, but what if baby girls are expected to follow recent patterns? Babies even before they learn to take their first step are now posing in heels! We are not kidding, a shoe has created heels for baby girls. Their Instagram page is filled with toddlers posing in colorful pumps. A rightly they came under the fire of critics for the unnecessary fashion accessory for babies. Pee Wee Pumps, an American company is the mastermind of this inessential idea. “Pee Wee Pumps will be your daughter’s first fashion statement”, says the website. ‘Well, let my daughter walk first’, is what we have to say to that. Also Read - Tips For Monsoon Skin Care For Babies Every Mother Should Follow

Pee Wee Pumps have shoes for newborns to six months old kids that are aimed at “fashion-forward mothers”. Just like any other shoes, these come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ranging from leopard print, zebra, hot pink and enhanced with embellishment these soft slippers have collapsible heels. However, the company came under criticisms of the fashion police as well. The company came under major fire after a UK based watch group posted about the product on their Facebook page. Baby Spa in Australia started by two Indians is the cutest place on this earth! See cute baby pictures Also Read - Afghan Woman Inspires Others to Breastfeed 20 Newborns who Lost Their Mothers After Terror Attack in Kabul Maternity Hospital

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A Facebook user commented saying, “Apart from the tremendously worrying sexualisation of children such products contribute to, I don’t even want to know the effects these shoes would have on small, developing feet.”

Check out their pictures here:

Despite the online attack on them, they continue of post pictures of babies in heels. Parents of girl children also told the website not to sexualise children with new fashion inventions. The founder Michele Holbrook told Today that the shoes are made of cotton and are soft-soled. She said, “The heels are collapsible and there is no damage to the baby’s foot.”