In a viral video, a twenty-one storey building is seen getting demolished in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in the United States. The building, called Martin Towers was made up of 16,000 tonnes of steel was demolished recently and the video is breaking the internet. In the clip, a large crowd of onlookers are seen jumping and excited as the event took place. Notably, it just took 16-seconds to bring down the Bethlehem Steel Company’s former headquarter. The tallest building in Pennsylvania with a series of implosions turned into dust within a few seconds. Also Read - US Election Results 2020: As Joe Biden Inches Closer to Victory, Donald Trump Files Lawsuits in 3 States & Seeks Recount in Wisconsin

The video was uploaded on Facebook and till now it has received 452 likes and hundreds of comments. Also Read - US Election Results 2020: Trump, Biden Campaign Lawyers Ready For a Fierce Legal Battle if Election Outcome Heads to Court

As per the report, the implosions rocked the parts of the valley and residents claimed that the sounds were very loud. Also Read - Bizarre! Hungry Kingsnake Swallows Half of Itself Thinking It's Another Snake, Gets Rescued

Watch the video here:

Martin Tower Implosion 2019

Footage from our Drone Team on scene today at Martin Tower. Great partnerships make for successful outcomes. Lehigh County Emergency Management worked closely with our partners from the City of Bethlehem and Northampton County Emergency Management to make sure the Martin Tower implosion went off safely and smoothly. When it comes to rare events like the implosion of a large structure, it takes countless hours of preparation and hard work. The teamwork from all partners involved made today go as planned.

Lehigh County Emergency Management यांनी वर पोस्ट केले रविवार, १९ मे, २०१९

Reportedly, the demolishing of the towers took 485 pounds of explosives. It was opened in 1972 but has been vacant for a past few years.

Some users commented on the video, “The building that started the beginning of the end to Bethlehem Steel. Is finally gone!” while the other wrote, “Really something to see. It will be different around Bethlehem. We had views all over town that I probably took for granted.”

Some of them were sad with the demolishing of the building and expressed, “Sad I will miss seeing this building. my dad worked at Bethlehem steel for 42 yrs .like he used to say those were the good times.”