Trivandrum: As the entire world is practicing social-distancing in the time of coronavirus, tipplers in Kerala too were seen following the necessary precaution even while buying alcohol, a move which is being widely appreciated. Recently, a video of people standing in queues to purchase liquor at the state-run retail outfits, is going viral. Also Read - Kerala Police's Hand Washing Dance Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Goes Viral, Watch Video

The video shows customers maintaining a one-metre distance between each other while standing in the queue outside the shop. The men can be seen standing on the white markings ensuring there is enough gap between two people. Also Read - Robots in Kerala Answer Queries on Coronavirus, Distribute Sanitizers, Watch Viral Video

Well, similar scenes were witnessed at many other Kerala State Beverages Corporation (KSBC) outlets since Thursday, Several social media users expressed their surprise and appreciated their discipline.

Owing to a rising cases of coronavirus, the Kerala government has imposed restrictions including the closure of educational institutions and cinemas till March 31st, however, permission was given to bars and liquor shops to remain open in several districts.

“Usually liquor outlets are crowded, but after the spread of COVID-19 we got directions from the state government to take necessary precautions at the shops. We have provided masks, gloves and sanitisers for the staff,” KSBC Managing Director Sparjan Kumar IPS told PTI.

He said three additional guards had been posted at every Indian Made Foreign Liquor outlet now to prevent crowding.

“The job of these guards is to ensure that at any given time, not more than 25-30 customers are present at the outlets and to ensure that there is a gap of one metre between persons who have queued up to purchase liquor,” Kumar said.