Across the world, the expectations that citizens have from the administration and the work done by the administration never match. From potholes and road conditions to larger economic policies, there are a variety of problems that residents face. Something similar happened with the residents of East Ayrshire Council in Scotland. They were unhappy with the budget allocated for road repairs, and displayed their unhappiness in an extremely amusing manner. They reportedly filled potholes with Coco Pops and poured milk over it, taking a dig at the budget they feel is insufficient. Members of a satirical Facebook page have done this, and uploaded a video of this on their page, called East Ayrshire Cooncil. The page is described as a parody page designed to highlight local issues through comedy and satire.Also Read - Six Jharkhand Tribal Students to Study Abroad Under Marang Gomke Jaipal Singh Munda Scholarship Scheme

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The video that has been uploaded shows a man filling a pothole with Coco Pops and pouring milk over it, then joking that they only have a £600 budget for their work. The East Ayrshire Council, on Thursday, reportedly announced a funding injection for road resurfacing projects to deal with winter damage. They tripled the funds from 2 million pounds to 6 million pounds. But not everyone thought this was enough. A representative of the Facebook page which uploaded the video has been quoted saying, “Our council upped the budget to £6 million, a drop in the ocean to what we really need.” The representative adds that just talking about the problems of potholes is not going to help. But once they do something funny, everyone takes notice, he says, explaining the idea behind this act. Also Read - Centre Calls UK’s Quarantine Policy For Indians 'Discriminatory', May Impose Reciprocal Measures

Watch the video here:

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The video has received more than one million views within 24 hours of being uploaded. The representative of the page has been quoted saying that this reaction is beyond what they had imagined. He adds that it has reached far and wide, and resonates well with people. East Ayrshire Council’s spokesman said, “In yesterday’s Council budget, we acknowledged the problems caused by potholes and road defects, caused by the severe winter weather and we trebled the road repair budget to £6 million for the year ahead….Road safety is a serious issue and we would strongly discourage anyone from standing in the road and putting others, and themselves, in harm’s way,” as quoted by the Daily Mirror.