The White House and its occupants have very much been in the news recently. Earlier it had been President Donald Trump abruptly walking away from a press conference after he had a spat with an Asian-American reporter, and then a cockroach that was photographed climbing the walls of the building. The latter though has become an internet sensation after his or her picture was shared online.Also Read - Stuff of Nightmares! Video of Snake Crawling Inside ATM Machine Will Make You Think Twice About Taking Out Money

The picture had been shared on Twitter by White House correspondent Brian J Karem, who captioned it, “NOW: few reporters but a nice big cockroach at the WH. @realDonaldTrump”. The picture has has drawn a good number of hilarious comebacks from Twitter users with one even saying he’ll vote for it. Also Read - Rare Wolf Snake With Two Heads Released in Forest After it Was Rescued From House in Odisha

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Some were of the opinion that it looked like Jared Kushner, who is the senior advisor to his father-in-law, Donald Trump, and also to Stephen Miller, who is the senior advisor for policy.

Others were more concerned about where the bug came from, and shared their opinion about who they thought had brought it back to the White House.

On a more serious note, the US has reported over 1.38 million infected cases and 81,779 deaths with most areas of the country still in lockdown.