New Delhi: The coronavirus pandemic has completely altered our lives, pushing us into a web of dark thoughts, anxiety and fear. All we want is some glimmer of hope and all that we wish for is to go back to our old lives away from masks and precautions. One such picture emanating hope is winning the hearts of people online. Also Read - What's So Amazing About a Giraffe Eating Grass, You Ask? Watch This Viral Video & You Will Know

In the picture, a newborn baby is seen trying to ‘remove’ a doctor’s surgical mask, which people have interpreted as a sign of a brighter tomorrow when there will be no masks and the world will finally get rid of coronavirus.

UAE-based gynaecologist Dr Samer Cheaib, shared the picture which shows the newborn with her hand clasped around her doctor’s mask, pulling it off his smiling face.

“We all want a sign that we are going to take off the mask soon,” Dr Cheaib wrote while sharing the pic on Instagram.

Watch it here:

The photo has gone viral as many have dubbed it as a ‘symbol of hope’, while others said that it should be the photo of the year.

”This should be the photo of 2020,” wrote one user, while another commented, “The most beautiful pic I have seen. Hopefully, we will get rid of masks soon.”

“What a beautiful and meaningful picture. And the baby already knows what is right…we need to breathe!”, remarked another user.

Cute, right?