New Delhi: Recently, a bizarre picture of a sheep wearing a bra, is doing the rounds of internet and leaving netizens surprised and amused. Also Read - Sheep in Ireland Become Sexually Overactive After Drinking Water Contaminated With Viagra

Last week, Franklin Vets Lifestyle Farms posted photos on Facebook, showing a sheep wearing a DD-cup bra in Barnards Farm in Wymondham, and captioned it as, “Sheep in a bra! This photo is not staged.” Also Read - 'We Are Not Sheep or Buffaloes to be Purchased': TRS MLAs' Retort to Claims of Telangana Congress on Their Exit

However, funny as it may seem to many, there’s a not-so-funny reason behind it. Also Read - Chinese farmers swap sheep for skis ahead of Olympics

The post narrates how the sheep, named Rose, is made to wear a bra to help her give extra support as she has a very droopy udder and struggles to feed her own twin lambs.

“‘Rose’ (the name of the ship) was pregnant with triplets, and the sheer weight of her udder damaged the Suspensory Ligaments that hang the heavy organ from her body. When this happens the udder can hang so low that it can be traumatized on the ground, and unless the situation can be corrected, is a cause for euthanasia”, added further.

Veterinarians in New Zealand said a sheep with severely damaged and saggy udders was spared surgery or worse when she was fitted with a bra designed for humans.

The post has since then, gone viral and users were impressed with the kind of care the owners are providing their sheep.

A user praised the caretakers and wrote, “She’s very lucky. Great owners.”

“I can tell you love your stock. We need more farmers like you”, added another.