This year the weather is creating havoc in most European countries and the United States of America. Every day we get to hear some or the other news of some weird climatic phenomenon that has occurred in the world. Now, that a cold wave has gripped Europe, people in Amsterdam are making the most of the weather and ice skating on the canals as the water has frozen. Amsterdam, which has numerous canals, saw the waters freezing over and the locals shared photos and videos of ice skating on the waters which are going viral on social media. Also Read - Planning a Tour to Amsterdam? Be Ready to Pay Highest Tourist Tax in Europe

People on Twitter shared photos and videos of locals in Amsterdam walking or ice skating on the canal waters of the city. The cold wave which is nicknamed “The Beast from the East” is causing havoc in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Switzerland. People have been stuck on highways, trains have broken down and people have been stranded. However, the people of Amsterdam made the most of the chilly weather and managed to ice skate their way on the frozen waters of the canals which they previously used for ferrying across. Sample pictures and videos below. Rome Experiences its First Snowfall in 6 Years and the Pictures are Truly Breathtaking and Mesmerizing Also Read - Mouni Roy Sizzles in Sexy Satin Pink Dress And Boots as She Vacays in Amsterdam

Watch video of people ice skating on the canals

It’s bitingly cold in Europe

Ice skating in Amsterdam

Walking on water like Jesus Christ

Crazy times in Amsterdam

Beautiful picture

Wanna take part in Winter Olympics?

Skating on the canals

That indeed is courageous

The cold wave has made matters worse for the administration of European countries as flights are getting canceled, motorists stuck on highways and accidents occurring on roads due to ice. However, people on Amsterdam took to the ice and skated their heart out but the local authorities issued warnings and guidelines as the ice was not thick enough at some places and major accidents could have happened if people skated over thin ice on the canal waters.