After a year full of tragedies and disappointments, all that everyone in this world is waiting for is a Covid-19 vaccine. And finally after months of planning and trials, many European Union countries began inoculating vulnerable citizens on Sunday, igniting a ray of hope in people all over the world.Also Read - Explained: Here's Why Coronavirus Vaccine Dry Run Was Critical

To celebrate the launch of coronavirus vaccination campaigns across Europe, a pilot in Southern Germany marked the occasion in his own unique way. Notably, Samy Kramer traced an image of a syringe in the skies in celebration of the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine, Daily Mail reported.

Kramer flew 200 kilometres in a small white and blue Diamond DA20 single-propeller plane, in a bid to raise awareness about the start of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination campaign in Europe. Using a Diamond DA-20 Katana, the pilot drew a 70 kilometer long syringe 5,000 feet in the air. The completed syringe flight path took just over an hour, flying between Friedrichshafen and Ulm.

Check out the picture here:

“There are still relatively many people opposing the vaccination and my action may be a reminder for them to think about the topic, to get things moving. Perhaps it was also a bit of a sign of joy, because the aviation industry has been hit pretty hard by the pandemic,” Kramer told Reuters.

However, the rollout of the vaccine comes at a time when the new variant of coronavirus cases have been detected in several countries.