New Delhi: Just days after former US President Donald Trump moved to his new home in Florida, two planes with banners taunting Trump have been spotted flying over his residence. While one of the aircrafts had a message trailing behind it saying ‘Worst President Ever’, the second one carried the sign ‘Trump You Pathetic Loser Go Back To Moscow’.Also Read - Urfi Javed Flaunts Toned Midriff, Recreates Cardi B's Iconic Veil Look in Black Separates - Chic or Not?

The planes were seen close to the Mar-a-Lago resort that the former President is now calling his home. However, there has been no information on who was behind the targeted stunt but it’s clear that the trollers are not the biggest fans of the 45th President of the United States. Also Read - Ram Gopal Varma Tweets About Dhanush And Aishwaryaa's Separation, Calls Marriage a 'Jail' - Check Viral Tweets

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Soon after, photos and videos of the planes with the savage signs were posted online, those became viral and netizens could not stop sharing those on their social media profiles.

As per reports, Florida residents have had mixed feelings about the former president’s move to Florida and some have been totally unhappy at sharing a residence with the polarising figure and are worried about how it will affect their stay.

Speaking to the Baltimore Sun, a real estate broker who works in Palm Beach and New York, Richard J. Steinberg, said, “Nobody that I’ve spoken to is looking forward to him coming back to Palm Beach.”

“Quite honestly, I think that whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, I don’t think that there are many people that in good conscience can justify what happened on Jan. 6, and I think that most – most – people hold him at least partially responsible.”

However, it seemed like there was no shortage of fans for Trump, whose presidency officially ended last week after four years in the Oval Office as many fans were seen lined up the streets after the former president had left the White House and flew to Florida.