For those yearning to travel after months of being in lockdown, there is some good news as Thailand has announced that it will now allow foreign tourists into the country from October 1. Also Read - Beating COVID-19 One Foot Pedal at a Time: Thailand Mall Praised For Zero-contact Idea

The move is seen as a sort of pilot program, testing how successful restarting the tourism sector in this current environment can be. Thailand’s Minister of Tourism Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn said the country is aiming to allow foreign tourists to enter the country through a program dubbed “Safe and Sealed.”

However, in a Covid-19 world, the visit comes with its own sets of rules and regulations, which might be deal-breakers for many tourists.

You will have to stay there for at least a month!

The governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Yuthasak Supasorn told Reuters that foreign tourists will be required to stay in Thailand for at least 30 days. Shorter trips will not be permitted.

Travellers will be mandated to spend the first 14 days of this minimum 30-day stay in quarantine at the hotel or a mandated resort. During this period, 2 COVID-19 tests will be conducted and only then will visitors be allowed to travel out of the hotel and visit Phuket.

If anyone wishes to leave Phuket and visit other parts of Thailand, a third PCR test will be performed in the third week of their visit.

The move comes as the tourism-reliant economy has been battered by the collapse of global travel amid Covid-19 threat. However, Thailand has largely been successful in containing the virus as the country has gone nearly three months without a confirmed case of local Covid-19 transmission.