Wellington: New Zealand has done it! After months of strict protocols and effective measures to combat Covid-19,  the country has been declared virus-free following the recovery of the last known infected person in the country. Also Read - NZ PM Jacinda Ardern Announces Free Sanitary Products For All Schoolgirls, Twitter Says 'Is There Anything She Can't Do'?

New Zealand’s Health Ministry on Monday said that the last person who was being monitored for coronavirus had recovered and that were no new cases of Covid-19 for the 17th consecutive day. Also Read - Victory! New Zealand Discharges its Last Coronavirus Patient From the Hospital, Twitter Says 'Well Done'

Unite Against COVID-19, the New Zealand Government’s program to help stop the spread of COVID-19 tweeted, “Today is a significant milestone as we announce that the last active case of COVID-19 in New Zealand has recovered. This means there are now 0 active cases in New Zealand. Thank you for staying home, playing it safe, and for supporting those fighting the virus.” Also Read - New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Proposes 4-Day Week To Promote Work-Life Balance, Twitter Says 'Best PM Ever'

The milestone surely calls for a celebration and just like other New Zealanders who were elated with the news, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern too was overjoyed.

She revealed that she danced around her living room when told about the milestone.

“I did a little dance. I showed Neve, she was caught a little by surprise but she joined in having absolutely no idea why I was dancing around the lounge but enjoying it nonetheless.”

When Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield too was asked about her immediate response to the development, she replied that she is not “quite as good a dancer” as the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Twitterati praised Ardern’s leadership and congratulated New Zealand for being virus-free at a time when other nations are still struggling:


Soon after, New Zealand lifted all domestic coronavirus restrictions and PM Ardern said restrictions such as social distancing and limits on public gatherings were no longer needed.

As per an AFP report, Ardern said the sacrifices made by New Zealanders, including a drastic seven-week lockdown that helped curb infection rates, had been rewarded now that there were no active cases in the country.

How did the country become Virus-free?

The success in tackling the deadly virus can be attributed to PM Jacinda Ardern’s effective leadership, locking down early, social distancing, and aggressive testing. Unlike other countries, New Zealand’s response to Covid-19 was relatively fast and the implementation surely paid off.

New Zealand had also been testing the public at one of the highest rates in the world and a total of 267,435 coronavirus tests have been conducted in the country.