New Delhi: On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to share a stunning video featuring a herd of blackbucks crossing the road. The prime minister known for his fondness of animals, retweeted the video which was originally shared by Department of Information, Gujarat’s official Twitter handle.Also Read - Viral Video: Mama Monkey Bathes Its Kid Just Like Humans Do, Adorable Video Will Make You Laugh | Watch

According to the tweet, the spectacular sight was shot at Bhavnagar’s Blackbuck National Park. The video shows the blackbucks crossing the road while they swiftly move together in a rhythmic and beautiful pattern. Over 3,000 blackbucks were the part of the herd which was seen leaping high in the air while galloping away, said the official statement issued by the department.

PM Modi shared the video with the caption, “Excellent”.

Watch it here: 

Since being shared, the video has gone viral with more than 7800 retweets and 60.5 K likes and 664 K views.

One user reacted to the video saying, ”Pic of the year! So amazing! Specially crossing the toad following the pedestrian discipline! Human – learn from them!” A second one commented, ”Nature is amazing.”

Assistant conservator of forest Veravadal M H Trivedi told The Times of India that blackbucks can be seen in huge herds during the monsoon season. Notably, blackbucks are protected animals and their hunting is banned under the Wildlife Act since 1972.