New Delhi: Farmers across India are adopting novel strategies to drive away locust swarms that threaten to destroy and feed upon their crops.Also Read - Centre's Plan to Control Locust Plague: Sprayers to be Procured From UK, Drones For Aerial Spray of Pesticides

In one such unique measure, the district administration in Panna in Madhya Pradesh has started using blaring sirens to scare locusts away. Talking about the move, Suman, Agriculture Officer, Panna said that the method has been adopted by the administration to save the crops from getting damaged.

“This saved loss of agricultural crops here. The way to prevent them from damaging crops is to create loud noises or to spray insecticides,” the Agriculture Officer said.

Farmers in Hoshangabad, Raisen, Sehore, Sagar, Chhatapur, Harda and several other districts are too beating drums, tin cans, burst firecrackers and even arranging bonfires.

Similarly, in Uttar Pradesh, farmers are scaring away locusts by beating tin drums, plates, etc, and also spraying pesticides on their crops.

One video emerged from Jhansi that showed a vehicle fitted with loudspeakers, locally known as a ‘DJ vehicle’ which was being used to drive the locusts away:

Farmers in Rajasthan are beating utensils in a bid to drive away locusts that have attacked their farms.

Popularly known as ‘tiddi dal’, locusts are short-horned grasshoppers with highly migratory habits and voracious feeding behaviour, known to devour vegetation wherever they settle.

They entered Rajasthan from Pakistan earlier this month and then drifted into Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, and Punjab and Delhi.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare on Wednesday informed that locust control operations have been stepped up in affected states to combat the menace.

(With Agency inputs)