Poonam Pandey is famous for her seductive pictures and videos that have brought her a huge fan following on the social media. The actress recently released a new video on YouTube for her seductive series, Geeky Poonam. However, the Hot Indian actress had an oops moment towards the end of the video as she suffered a nip slip in the Geeky Poonam – Boomerang video. Fans of the young Indian star were quick to notice this boo boo moment, and soon  Poonam Pandey once again became the talking point for the wrong reasons. Poonam Pandey shows off her cleavage in new sexy black bikini pictures & video juggling oranges!
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The actress showed off various angles of her cleavage showing boomerang videos while talking about her favourite app, however towards the end, she seems to have unintentionally suffered from a nip slip in the video. Poonam Pandey’s new Geeky Poonam video has the actress talking about her favourite apps and the topic of the day was the Boomerang app, which is widely used on social media these days. The actress shared her sexy boomerang videos talking about the fun effects that the app offers. Poonam Pandey flashes nipples in hot yoga picture! Raunchy Indian actress wishes Happy Yoga Day in sexiest way possible.
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After recording a live boomerang in her black tank top, the actress showed off an old video in a white bikini top, and as she was closing out the video, the nip slip occurred in the fraction of a second. While it is not really evident, fans of Poonam Pandey pointed out exactly what they saw in the video which has already crossed one lakh views. The seductive actress who is known for flashing her nipples and doing extremely bold photoshoot has done it once again in this video. Also Read - Poonam Pandey And Sam Bombay Granted Bail For Bond of Rs 40,000 in The Obscene Video Case

Watch the new Poonam Pandey video here

This is not the first time that the actress has had a nip slip. There are several videos where the actress suffers from a wardrobe malfunction in the past as well, and this latest addition is surely nothing new for the actress. Apart from the random nip slip, the actress is also known for flashing her nipples, whether it is in a plain picture wishing her fans a Happy International Yoga day, or other everyday sexy pictures!