What is your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day? It depends on person to person, but we definitely know Poonam Pandey’s idea of celebrating the special day of love. Making a raunchy, attention-seeking Valentine’s Day video which puts her best assets (read: breasts) on display. The girl loves to show off her cleavage like no other, and she definitely does not display her loyal fans on Twitter with promised sexy videos. This particular hot video has Poonam flashing her boobs in bearing containing bra, showing off her naked back while taking steamy bath and promising her virtual boyfriend, who is behind the camera of making it up with lots of action in the night. Urghh, yes, she is a fan favourite of many. Poonam Pandey joins Christmas festivities with Jingle Boobs video! Hot starlet’s raunchy video & pictures on Twitter are pure sleazefest. Also Read - Poonam Pandey's Instagram Account Hacked, Says 'I Hope Miscreant Doesn't Misuse It'

Poonam Pandey has come a long way from being the girl who famously committed of stripping naked if Indian cricket team lifted World Cup trophy in 2011. The notoriously famous for sexing up things celebrity did not live up to her tall claims but made up by providing a good dose of skin show on Twitter. For the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2017, she promised her fans of a hot video. She has been tweeting about her highly anticipated video for days, and finally, the ‘sexy video’ dropped on the social media. Also Read - Case Registered Against Milind Soman For Running Nude on Goa Beach, Sharing Obscene Pic on Social Media

The video begins with 25-year-old, Poonam Pandey waking up to ‘sweet’ breakfast in bed scenario. Expectedly, she chooses to see her fans in nothing but a bra and squealing her love to the unseen lover. She has waffles for breakfast, gets a bouquet of roses before heading off to take a steamy bath. Poonam Pandey invites her lover to join her in the bath. She dresses up for the big day and ‘as per request of her boyfriend’ gets ready in a sporty outfit. Also Read - Poonam Pandey And Sam Bombay Granted Bail For Bond of Rs 40,000 in The Obscene Video Case

After a fun-filled sporty day out with the girl playing some indoor games heads off for a romantic movie and dinner date. While watching a perfect romantic movie, Poonam Pandey removes the popcorn from her cleavage and eats it. Don’t look scandalised; this is normal for a Poonam Pandey hot video. Nobody can love boobs like Poonam Pandey does. The self-claimed actress and hugely popular Indian starlet showed off her assets in the black one-piece. The not-so-sexy yet unintentionally funny video ends with Poonam Pandey promising her boyfriend to make his Valentine’s Day (read: night) special. You may have trouble unseeing this video, sorry to waste your time.