VIPs are always surrounded by numerous security guards and police officers whenever they step out in public and on official tours and visits. The security keeps them safe and danger at bay but what if these security personnel themselves suffer a mishap, who comes to their rescue then? In one such incident, a security guard overseeing the safeguarding of Pope Francis’s procession in Chile ended up being in a sticky situation when a horse she was riding started acting up. In a video that was shared on social media, the policewoman is seen being thrown off her horse as the Pope passed by. Pope Francis broke the protocol and stopped the popemobile to check on the policewoman who was thrown off her horse. Also Read - Now Dogs Can be Trained To Sniff Out Covid Positive Patients, Could be Used At Airports

Pope Francis with this action proved that he is definitely a kind gentleman and fit to be the religious head of state of Christians all around the world. The Pope was quick to notice that the policewoman was thrown off the horse and quickly responded to her plea for assistance. People on Twitter were all in praise for the pontiff’s keen eyes and timely help. Watch the video below and sample a few tweets from Twitterati below. Car Crashes on Live TV While Reporter was Giving Report on Safe Driving in Icy Conditions in Atlanta Also Read - Pope's Instagram Handle 'Likes' Another Bikini Model's Sultry Photo, She Jokingly Says 'I Am Going to Heaven'

Break in protocol

What a man

Your day is made

Pope Francis proved that he is really someone who cares for his people. The policewoman might have been having a bad day when she fell off the horse but finding herself being aided by Pope Francis must have made her day. Also Read - Pope Francis 'Likes' Raunchy Pic of Bikini Model on Instagram, She Has The Cheekiest Reactions